Vibrant cities and romantic town

Apart from Berlin, the three largest cities in East Germany are located in Saxony. With about half a million inhabitants, Dresden and Leipzig offer everything one expects from a large city. But because of Saxony’s rich and relevant history, these cities are also beautiful and full of amazing architecture, art and music. Surprisingly, all of these things can also be found in the smaller towns of Saxony. Most of them have not been touched by World War II and offer fascinating insights into centuries long gone by. But you can also just enjoy their romantic streets and quaint corners that stand for everything that makes Saxony such a desirable European destination.

Florence on the Elbe River

Saxony’s capital Dresden is famous for its architecture and its art collections and attracts visitors from all over the world

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A paradise for music lovers

Saxony’s largest city Leipzig has a musical heritage that can only be equaled by Vienna’s and produces top-selling contemporary art

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A movie maker’s dream

Görlitz is one of Germany’s most beautiful towns and has been the stage of many international movie productions

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The cradle of Saxony

The never-destroyed town of Meissen was the first capital of Saxony and is the home of Europe’s oldest porcelain manufacturer

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The origin of Saxon wealth

Silver from the mines of Freiberg made Saxony rich and mining laid the foundations for Saxony’s technical supremacy

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Scenes of world history

Torgau was the “wet nurse of the Reformation” and the place where American and Russian troops connected in World War II

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Gateway to Saxon Switzerland

Beautiful Pirna is the ideal starting point for exploring one of the most distinctive landscapes in Europe

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Towers of power

The numerous towers of Bautzen add to the medieval feel of the capital of the Sorbian Slavic minority of Saxony

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