The right places

Going out in Leipzig is easy. Just of the market square, the district known as “Drallewatsch”, Saxon dialect for “an eveing out”, offers beautiful historic buidlings filled with restaurants and bars which are always jam-packed. Just outside of the ring road around Leipzig’s city centre, there is the Gottschedstrasse, a street filled with more of the same and a number of theatrical venues. More off the beaten track, but equally popular is the “Karli”, the Karl Liebknecht Street. Where once trade flourished on the Via Imperii, the “Imperial Road”, the younger generation is now having fun. Dresden’s equivalent to the “Karli” is the “Neustadt” (“New Town”), the northern expansion of the city in the 19th century with typical architecture. The area is occupied mainly by students and young families and becomes very lively at night in its bars, clubs and discotheques. Right in the city centre there is the “Weisse Gasse” (“White Lane”) district with many restaurants and bars.

Different stages

There is no lack of stage entertainment in Saxony. World-class music entertainment can be found in Dresden’s Semper Opera and in Leipzig’s Gewandhaus Concert Hall, but also in the theaters all around Saxony. On the lighter side, the “Carte Blanche” in Dresden is the largest travesty stage in Germany, while the “Krystallpalast” in Leipzig is famous for its variety shows. During the winter season, Sarrasani’s dinner show is the highlight in Dresden.

Club scene

While Saxony is mostly associated with classical music, there is also a vibrant club scene where highly contemporary sounds are created. DJ acts from Saxony have made the charts and perform on their home turf regularly. Events often make use of the location. The view of Dresden’s famous skyline from the “Elbsegler” is spectacular during the summer season while the “Puro Beach” is one of the most stylish city beaches in Germany. Surprisingly, the club scene is not restricted to Dresden and Leipzig only but is also part of the nightlife in the smaller cities and towns.

For adults only

Dresden and Leipzig offer a wide range of adult entertainment, ranging from table dance bars, clubs, massage parlors, saunas to swinger clubs. Escort services discreetly pick up guests from their hotels for a night out. The best source of up-to-date information is normally the concierge at the hotel desk.