Breathtaking nature

Saxony is blessed with beautiful landscapes, some of them with a dramatic and some of them with a gentle character. Best known is the Saxon Switzerland National Park, a stunning landscape that has inspired artists and tourists alike. But there are many other landscapes which are quintessentially Saxon. Most of them are a paradise for hikers and cyclists but they can be accessed very easily without much of a physical effort, too. And everywhere, one can meet the Saxons who are fond of the outdoors.

Drama in perfection

The Saxon Switzerland National Park is one of the most spectacular landscapes of Europe and a most popular tourist destination

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A vintage landscape

The nature along the Elbe River north of Dresden has been beautifully reshaped by 850 years of wine-growing

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Europe’s smallest mountain range

The Zittau Mountains on the border of Poland and the Czech Republic contrast drama with quaintness

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A string of pearls

A large number of castles can be found along the Mulde Rivers which are deeply carved into the Saxon landscape

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More than ore

The Ore Mountains experience combines a mountainous landscape with a rich mining history and unique Christmas traditions

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